My life

Trip to Norway

Hey again! a lot have happened since the last blog post. I have been home for one day while waiting for the new crew to get aboard the boat and now we are in Norway me and my friend Kasper Helsted. 8/4 – 2015 around 12:00 I picked up Kasper in my home town where we would start our summer holiday together with the goal of getting to Norway. even though Kasper didn’t.. Read More

Engine problems

7/30 – 2015 continued The weather was awesome for sailing and we almost flew over Kattegat, until we had passed Nodre Rønner on Læsø where the wind dropped. We therefore decided to drop the sails and take a swim in the COLD water. After a few jumps from the boat we started the engine and motored a bit untill the wind was right for sailing for sail again. Under sail we sailed about.. Read More

Back to Jutland

7/30 -2015 Yesterday we had an awesome sail from Læsø to Donsö in Sweden. the trip took about 6,5 hour and we sailed for spinakker most of the way. the speed over ground was the record setting for this summer trip so far with 8,3 knots and an avarage speed of about 6,5 knots. Today we woke up at seven, snoozed a few minutes before getting up. Then we ate breakfast and back.. Read More

Across Kattegat

7/28 – 2015 4:30 we checked the weather to see if we should head out early or wait an hour more. It didn’t take long for us to decide what to do. The weather was bad and not just with some rain and heavy winds, but with very heavy winds and thick, thick rain hammering on the deck. We went back to sleep for an hour more and 5:30 we came to the.. Read More

Getting crew aboard

7/27 – 2015 continued Hey again. After I wrote the last post a lot have been going on. First I had a wonderful sail to Løgstør where there I normally some annoying short waves, but this time it was awesome. On the way from Løgstør to Aalborg nothing exciting happen except that I made the speed record for the day. 6,8 knots but with a bit help from the engine. Then when came.. Read More

Summer holiday trip begins

7/26 – 2015 Finally my first summer holiday trip in my fantastic boat begins. Yesterday the trip seemed never to start because of bad weather and some more bad weather, but then the wind dropped and I left the harbor and my home. It was already a bit late that day so it wouldn’t be a long leg the first evening but I came to Sundsøre, which is right outside Skive Fjord. The.. Read More

Nice weather and sailing on the fjord

Today was a very nice day where i got the chance to invite my old neighbours on to my boat for af sail trip on the fjord. The weather was perfect, with a light breeze and the sun was shining. We ended up sailing to the Oddesund brigde where we turn around to Struer again. All in all a very nice saturday with some sweet people and 13 nautical miles for sail.

To the top of my mast

Some of you may know that i have been climbing as a sport almost as long as i have been sailing, but the last couple of month i haven’t been out climbing, and today i just couldn’t live longer without some distance to the ground, hanging from something in a rope. So i decided to climb to the top of my mast on Undine. Before going up the 12,4 meter high mast I.. Read More

6/7 days with sailing

This week have been all through amazing from a sailing perspective. Monday was my first training with the J80’s in Struer Sejlklub, the wind was calm and it was perfect weather for a first day in a new boat. I got to learn how the boat handels in light weather and where the different ropes are. It was a really good day and I’m really looking forward to the many late season races I.. Read More